A baker in central California had a decision go her way last Friday. At issue was whether she discriminated against a lesbian couple when she denied to make them a cake for their wedding. In issuing the ruling, the judge used a classic refrain: She was merely expressing her religious beliefs by denying to make a cake. That meant she wasn't discriminating against the lesbian couple.

Even though she was totally discriminating against them.

Make no mistake – this baker, Catherine Miller of "Tastries Bakery" in Bakersfield, California – just wants to be a dick to gay people. Conservatives absolutely love hiding behind the facade of free speech when it comes to being a dick about something.

And this isn't a binary. Something can be a free expression of religion while also being discriminatory toward someone else.

So how does this get handled going forward? The courts have clearly shown they can't resolve these kinds of disputes. A boycott of a business rarely does much. We must turn to my motto of sorts: Country's broken.

The Insult.org-endorsed resolution goes as follows:

  • You can have your free expression of religion and discriminate to your heart's content.

  • The people you're discriminating against can retaliate in whatever manner they see fit.

Ideally, this lesbian couple should end Catherine Miller's life. After all, it's what she actually wants to have happen to them, even if she would never say such a thing aloud.

Not comfortable with killing Catherine Miller? Burn Tastries Bakery in Bakersfield, California to the ground.

Not comfrotable with arson? Throw bricks through the windows of the store and spray paint, "homophobe," on the side of the building.

Not comfortable with defacing/destroying property?

Grow up. Recognize that there's no use being courteous or civil to people who have zero regard for you – especially when they're hiding behind the shield of religious expression. People should be free to practice their religion in peace, and actual religious people do. Assholes like Catherine Miller want to use religion to bludgeon others (and, spoiler alert: she doesn't actually believe whatever she's claiming as her faith) and that's when the line gets crossed.

What line? Harm. Catherine Miller's supposed religious expression harmed that couple. Even if they don't feel harmed, and even if they found another bakery right away. She harmed them because she perpetuated a bullshit excuse to make herself feel superior. And it emboldens other people like her to try the same ludicrous nonsense elsewhere, harming others like that couple.

Catherine Miller is a fucking bully.

And if bullies want to manipulate their belief in a complete lie in order to harm others, then they should be harmed as well.

Go eat some cake.