If the news reports are accurate, Elon Musk wants to decimate a majority of Twitter's workforce after he buys the site.

From a financial perspective, this makes sense: Slimmer operating costs = benefit to people with monetary stake.

I'm not a capitalist ghoul like Musk or ... well, I mean, anyone with a stock portfolio. So I take some issue with the idea of this human fire sale. If I worked at Twitter I'd send the guy at least one fuckin' death threat. "Fire me and I'll remove you from this mortal coil." No way to follow through on that but at least it'd feel nice. And it fits right in with my "America is Broken" take – why bother being civil to people who have no regard for your well-being?

Anyway, since Musk has a whole army of douchebags hanging from his online nuts, if this somehow makes its way out to the world at large maybe I'll get some threatening emails. Whatever. Elon Musk is a piece of shit who doesn't deserve to breathe air and his fanboys are puerile, self-centered, opportunist scumbags.

Sidebar: It's annoying that Pappy (the founder of this site, may he RIP in peace) never really took the initiative to get his products out there because he was a much cooler privileged, white South African guy.