What's going on here?

This used to be a multi-user blog-style site where the authors posted all kinds of offensive stuff (hence the name).

The site's creator, Pappy, deleted the database at some point in 2005, and then after he died in 2018 its users couldn't retrieve his credentials to obtain the original code. (They also couldn't get into his registrar account to fix the domain registration, so they lost it for a while there.)

A read-only collection of recovered posts is available here, but fair warning – the content did not age well.

A special callout to FlyingTim, who also passed away, at the end of 2021. Rest in peace, buddy.

Ok, what about now?

The site has been returned to the hands of an author, Calliander, who uses it to vent his frustrations. Everything you read is by him, and not endorsed or reviewed by the other authors. He did port over some of his joke posts, though, so it isn't all seditious nonsense.